Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Real Faces Behind Resin Jeans

I stumbled upon a post on Vogue Daily this past weekend about two young FIT alums who launched a denim line called Resin. According to Vogue Daily, founders Chantel Valentene and Louisianan Durango Adams "were both studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology. After five years of freelance designing, these self-proclaimed “denim-heads” quietly launched their jeans line, Resin—you might have stumbled across it in Barneys." That's awesome right...!

.....Well when I decided to research deeply to double confirm this post I found that many other bloggers were attributing the launch of Resin solely to Paper Denim and Cloth founder Chris Gilbert - who Vogue Daily cites as a co-founder and friend.
This is why BWIF is help provide more exposure to minorities in the fashion industry. It is awesome they were able to garner the help of an industry vet but it's equally important to cite their dedication and creativity for getting this product out to market!
On to more fabulous things like these Resin jeans - The Lariat (above) is my favorite - I will get a pair soon from Barneys and let you guys know if they fit how I think they will!! I'm excited just thinking about it!!


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