Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Arise Magazine Now on 4th Issue

June Issue

By now you should have heard of Arise Magazine - right?! Well, if you haven't treat yourself to a copy of this wonderful new magazine only launched in February now with 4 issues under its belt. Arise magazine arrived on the scene with a bang - Liya, Naomi and Alek Wek graced the cover!!

Georgie Baddiel for May Issue

Since then the magazine has been filled with beautiful editorials and equally beautiful cover pages and articles. Many US based black fashion centric magazines have folded; Arise provides a fresh, intelligent and colorful look into black fashion. I hope they are here to stay.

Visit their site for subscription information. I have also seen them at my local Barnes and Noble. Become a fan on their facebook page - do everything to get your hand on Arise so we can keep them in circulation!!


Arise Magazine Facebook Fan Page

Sexual Assault In The Modeling Industry

Model Sara Ziff has braved what may soon be a backlash to expose rampant sexual assault in the modeling industry. In the documentary, Picture Me, she referenced a photographer age 45 who made a pass at a 16 year old model - worse her agency said, "she should have slept with him"!!

Picture Me Trailer

Thus far no black models have been named in the documentary, however this problem crosses racial boundaries and ALL models should be aware of what they are willing to accept as normal and unacceptable behavior from agencies, photographers, make up artists, etc. I hope this video helps the models who second guessed their decisions and those who have been too afraid to come out.


Rachel Rachel Roy for Macys

Rachel Roy has had an active year thus far. She received funding from Jones Apparel, applied for a divorce and is busy preparing her launch of Rachel Rachel Roy for Macy's this fall.

Rachel Roy is producing a full line for Macys to include apparel, accessories, handbags, shoes, and jewelry. The price points are enviable at $39 to $299. This will be a much needed boost for Macy's who's numbers have been sliding and for Roy who has thus far only captured a small space in the market. I have personally enjoyed Rachel's design and style choices, so I'm extremely happy for her and will look forward to her launch.

Rachel describes her line as the "younger sister to the high-end line - It's for the girls who are just getting started in the job force (and love to go out) but don't want to look like their trying to be stylish."

My favorite piece. I will be in New York by launch day so hopefully I can snag one!

was present at Roy's launch party in late April and captured some great shots of the line, you check out the sneak peak by following the link. Do you think Rachel's line will be sold out like fellow designers who had massive success with H&M?

What is in Chanel Iman and Lakshmi Menon's purses?

Everyone knows models for having gorgeous skin and wearing minimal makeup - which is very refreshing - yet so model-esque! I can imagine developing a natural aversion to makeup if you're constantly a makeup artists puppet all the time!

According to her brief interview with a Vogue beauty editor, Chanel carries the bare minimum - literally. Salve for her lips and nails, an eyebrow brush & pencil to fill in her brows and mascara to keep her lashes long!

Don't think you can afford what's in Chanel's bag? Think again, she doubles up her Smith’s Rosebud Salve for her lips and nails - extremely important when you're constantly shaking hands and meeting new people. Get her Rosebud Salve at Sephora for $6!!
Here brow pencil she received from a makeup artist but it's a brand everyone knows, Origins Fill In The Blanks. And you can get it for $15. Lastly her masacara, drum roll please.....Maybeline! Visit your local drug store on any given day for this one ladies! Chanel says, “I always carry around some mascara—the old-fashioned Maybelline, It’s better than the expensive stuff. And it makes lashes really long, especially the XXL one.”
Lakshimi is even more simple! She says, “The only thing I’m really good at is how to use kohl, because as an Indian girl I grew up with it - I don’t even attempt foundation. I bought some but I have no idea how to use it.” {She uses a bronzer instead - brand not metioned - sorry ladies}

But Lakshmi was kind enough to provide some helpful tips on how to use kohl, she says, “Oh yeah, there’s a trick to it - Apply it to the upper and lower lash lines—just a little smudge under your eyelid—and then close your eyes and gently rub them together. You get the sexiest smudge.” Sound so alluring - I wonder how it will look on me? Well Aveda has one for only $12.50.
Finally Lakshmi "keeps her dry skin glowing with Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream". This one carries a stiffer price label but when you compare it to let's say, Lancome, it's a steal at $42.50!!
Let me know how they turn out....


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Remembering Gordon Parks

Liya Kebede and others were on hand to remember prolific photographer Gordon Parks - whom I honestly became aware of while browsing vogue.com. Certainly I have experienced his wonderful photographs in the past yet blatantly unaware of who he was.

In brief, Gordon Parks was a self-taught photographer who is best known for his 20 years of work with Life magazine {he was the first African-American to work for Life}. Gordon was also an activist, writer and director - he directed Shaft!

Liya Kebede

Most recently, Liya Kebede, fellow photographer Bruce Weber, Isabel Toledo and Russell Simmons were honorees at the Gordon Parks Foundation "Celebrating Fashion" Gala.

Russell Simmons

Bethann Hardison {Can anyone tell me what's on her feet?}

View more pictures of the event and two of Gordon Parks children from style.com

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sessilee Lopez Harpers Bazaar June Issue

*I am out of the country and posts have been extremely sloow. I have acquired internet access -yay- so I'm back*

To the good news: I received my Harpers Bazaar in the mail mid May and was delighted to see a full 10 page spread of nothing but Sessilee!!! I thought I must get this scanned ASAP to post, alas time didn't allow. But lucky us, Sessilee herself post her own picks on her site, SESSILEE. A long with a few other day by day happenings in her fabulous life. So be sure to check her site for updates.
Great Style, Great Price indeed! Nothing in this spread was listed over $1,000 not even $800! Yet it still included Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Yves Saint Laurent and others but had a sophisticated mix with Gap and Banana Republic. What more can a girl - on something of a budget - ask for!

Here are my other faves!

The landscape was too luscious!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Iman: You Get Better With Age

Iman did a recent interview with Parade magazine and may have perhaps said what many people thought but couldn't dare say about First Lade Michelle Obama:

‘Mrs. Obama is not a great beauty,” Iman says, startling me a bit. “But she is so interesting looking and so bright. That will always take you farther. When you’re a great beauty, it’s always downhill for you. If you’re someone like Mrs. Obama, you just get better with age.”

I absolutely agree, I have always thought that Mrs. Obama has a style and grace that transcends beauty any day!

Anyway, Iman also talked about the photographer who discovered her making up a story about finding her in the jungle!!! But she understood the need, "everyone needs a narrative" she said.

View the remaining article on Parade. It's a great quick read.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lakshmi Menon Vogue Spread May 2009

The shoot was in Goa by photographer Mikael Jansson

Indian model Lakshmi Menon is well establishing herself among the top new comers in fashion. Aside from being one of the most recognized models from her country, Lakshmi did a spread in U.S Vogue's May 2009 issue that I instantly feel in love with. Please notice the trends of prints it isn't going anywhere, anytime soon! These same looks in the past were considered "too ethnic" and now every high end designer must have an "ethnic" look in their collection. Just food for thought: Enjoy Lakshmi!

The placement of colors in this shot above is magnificent! So rich & beautiful.

A Dinner For Duro Olowu

Iman and Designer Duro Olowu

The star of London-based, Nigerian born designer Duro Olowu is rising - fast! He is said to be an instant favorite of Anna Wintour! And this week Duro was honored with a dinner party for his birthday by Sally Singer of Vogue. Iman, his wife and curator Thelma Golden and others were in attendance.

Iman is effortlessly chic in one of Duro's jacket
Thelma Golden also wearing Duro
Journalist Robin Givhan {far right}
The girlie girls designer, Tracy Reese

If you are unfamiliar with Duro's work he is best known for his adventurous use of prints! His pieces make a statement on its own yet very, very wearable. So in honor of Duro's birthday, enjoy the slide show of my favorite pieces from his Spring/Summer 2009 Collection.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Zoe Saldana Covers Fashion For Star Trek

Her dress {R} reminds me of the nemesis on The Incredibles, but the shoes!! OM GAWD - The shoes!

The gorgeous Zoe Saldana has wrapped up her fashion show at least for now...while promoting her monster hit Star Trek!! Fashion show? Yes, Zoe was parading her gorgeous frocks from one red carpet to another and even squeezed in a few covers. Take a look see...

Keeping it monochromatic and chic! {love the shoes in the first pic}

Ok - She wasn't directly promoting Star Trek here - but she looks stunning!

Zizzlin Hot! {May Issue}

An old Hollywood spread in Giant Magazine {May Issue}

Toned and fit {May Issue}

First group of pics: Fug Girls

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dear Iman: Iman Answers Your Questions

Iman recently did a photo shoot/Q&A with Rolling Out magazine in New York. In the clip the super mom, super model, super entrepreneur gives some helpful tips to maintaining yourself, your marriage, and your beauty. I think we can safely say that Iman has all three under control - so take a listen!

For Hip Hop News & Entertainment at DimeWars.Com

Source: DW

Rihanna: Style Profile

Rihanna has staged a mini fashion since her appearance at the MET gala. Everyday this week sometimes twice a day the supremely confident songstress and aspiring designer has donned a new "must-see" outfit. Take a look: {these are in no particular order}

various sources: rihannapage.com, necolebitchie.com, theybf.com, tmz.com

Friday, May 8, 2009

Beyonce Covers Marie Claire June Issue

Posing in a tour outfit designed by Thierry Mugler

Does Beyonce ever sleep? The singer, songwriter, actress and soon to be pop icon is always, always working 24/7 to keep her self relevant. Beyonce's American leg of her tour is approaching and she is not resting until....who knows!

Here is her June cover for Marie Claire. Low and behold her mother, Tina Knowles says she must accompany her daughter on tour to make sure she goes to bed!! Otherwise she will continue working! I love it!

Beyonce also covered the June issue of German Glamour magazine.

Head over to Marie Claire for more pics and excerpts of her interview. BTW, which cover do you prefer?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Designer Sneak Peak: Lola Faturoti

If you love this Springs trends of graphic ethnic style prints that are still very modern then look no further than Lola Faturoti! Here spring/summer '09 Collection is filled with bold solid colors and mostly she makes prints chic and easy to wear!

Here are my favorites...

A gorgeous look for the summer that will keep you on trend and feeling super pretty!

This dress does all the work for you. Keep accessories small and off you go!

Add a skinny belt to this piece for shape

Check out Lola Faturoti's full collection and locations for her fab pieces.
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