Friday, April 30, 2010

Rachel Roy Loves Odd Color Combos + Men's Shirts

Rachel Roy recently sat down with eBay's digital style magazine The Inside Source, contributor Amy Flurry to discuss her style, her ever growing global brand and her faves for Spring.

TIS: You've always maintained that you like looking your best, both on and off the playground. How do you achieve that?

Rachel Roy:
The same way I approach designing. The goal is to offer a combination of classy and edgy pieces and then to be able to easily combine them so as to look effortless. I do a lot of mixed-print dresses and odd color combinations. This gives those classic pieces an edge. Another one of my signature styles is a trench coat/dress, which I can throw on in three minutes and still look pulled together without having to have my best body day going on.
TIS: What would you say are the standouts from your spring collection?

Definitely the air tweed blazer, which is my answer to the tweed blazer (below, left)--so light that it serves more as a cardigan. It's also a no-brainer that goes with everything.

And I'm really feeling the men's blouse (below, right). A woman wearing this silhouette, but cut to her body and maybe with one extra button opened, is so sexy.

See full article at The Inside Source.

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