Monday, May 31, 2010

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eCommerce site Asho Celebrates its 1st Year Anniversary!

 Asho: Local Fashion Made Global speaks for itself. Asho (derived from the Yoruba word “aso” meaning cloth and pronounced “ash-awe”) is a site where you can find extremely talented African based designers and get your favorite picks delivered to your door step!
While there be sure to also shop their accessories for a complete wardrobe, for your children and definitely for some household items to fill your home with an authentic African experience.
Asho is celebrating their one year anniversary and are offering 10% off all Market items!!  According to the website the shipping options are fairly painless - so shop on!
 To make it easy on you, we have picked our favorite must haves from Daura skirts, Safari print dresses, feminine blouses to one of a kind home accessories. But don't just take BWIF's word for it; check out Asho for yourself!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Venus Williams Heats Up At The French Open!!

You don't have to watch tennis to know that the 1st half of the dynamic duo that is the Williams sisters to know that Venus is heating things up at the French Open - and only 1/3 of that noise is about her game!! Rather it's about the fashion statement Venus Williams is making once again with her lingerie inspired outfit and nude shorts underneath.
 Venus has defended her choice saying,
“It’s really about the illusion.....Like, you can wear lace, but what’s the point of wearing lace when there’s just black under? The illusion of just having bare skin is definitely, for me, a lot more beautiful.”
Venus created the same stir (above) when she also went nude with a lime yellow dress also from her line for Eleven. And for those of us who actually care about her game; Venus has reached the 4th round, a fete she hadn't managed since 2006!!!! Go Venus + Serena!!

Tyra Banks Comes 360 With IMG

 Tyra Banks has come full circle with the agency that once represented her as a model to now doing business with the same agency, IMG. Tyra had this to say about the 1-year contract with IMG;
"In many ways, this is like coming home. The last time I was with IMG, I was set on taking on the modeling world in the high fashion and commercial sectors," said Tyra Banks, Founder and CEO of Bankable Enterprises. "Now I’m dreaming even bigger but this time for my company as well. Aligning myself with brands that I believe in, and helping them achieve the kind of success they’re looking for, helps all of us as we grow our businesses. And I know IMG is the right place at the perfect time."
Tyra Banks has long been the antithesis to models who are only good for walking the runway. I hope this will soon be the Lyndsey Scotts, Jeneil Williams and other young beautiful black models on the runway. Bravo to Chanel Iman who recently opened a boutique in L.A with her mother. Who's next?!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Malene B Fashion Forward Carpets

Yes, you read correctly - carpets! Malene Barnett (above), owner of Malene B brings a global and fashion forward aesthetic to her custom handmade carpets.

 Cowrie Shells
With parents from the Caribbean islands of St. Vincent and Jamaica, combined with her travels to Mumbai, St. Lucia, Morocco and many other exotic countries it's no surprise that each Malene B collection represents the country and its culture. For more on the collection browse over to MaleneB and get inspired!
TheSelby shot Malene in her equally beautiful and spacious Brooklyn home for all to see.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

System Down!!

It saddens me to announce that my beloved lap top is down momentarily - I hope to return to regular posting by the end of this week. In meantime, feel free to share your thoughts on my blog with me!! Miss you much!

Black Women In Fashion

Friday, May 21, 2010

Chanel Iman Open's The Red Bag Boutique In LA

Get ready to wear Chanel Iman's designer pieces she puts away soon after a photographer plasters her picture on the blogosphere as well as new pieces from her favorite designers at The Red Bag Boutique. In addition to the vintage aesthetic, the boutique gives you the feeling of shopping in an over sized closet filled with wonderful finds. Refinery29 caught up with the now multi-hyphenate model to discuss her new venture with her mother.
The shop has such an interesting mix of old and new pieces from all eras. Did you have any strategy for choosing what made the cut?
"It's the best of what was either given to me by designers or that I personally picked out myself, but to me they all qualify as treasures. In the world of fashion, once you've been photographed in something, it's hard to keep going out in it because the press always wants to see you in new things. So, I'm passing these pieces on so someone else can continue to love them."
 What's your L.A. style M.O.?
"L.A. to me is all about freedom. It's unlimited and relaxed, but you can dress to impress if you want in jeans or a party dress. When I come home, I don't even pack because I know it's less important for me to look so high fashion. Still to me, L.A. always looks good because the styles compliment the weather, cool and warm at the same time."
Be sure to check out Chanel's boutique when in L.A and view the remaining conversation at Refinery29.

KUA Designs: Keeping Us Authentic

Today I found my new love {my list is growing fast}while visiting meet:  Kua Designs. A Ghanian-inspired line of purses and jewelry by designer Ruby Buah. The purses are playful, chic and deliciously fabulous. Each purse has their own African name with its own built in personality. Words like, "posh", "curvy", "raw" and "fierce" describes the girls of Kua.

The brand is named after Ruby's mother who is described as embodying "unadulterated beauty simplicity and cultural grounding". There's a beautiful connection you find with a product that carries value beyond its already fab aesthetic.

Zulu Rose Tees On Sale!!

While on Fashion Africa today, I came across a wonderful t-shirt line created by Alexander Derrick called Zulu Rose. Many of you may be aware to this expanding culturally inspired t-shirt line but it was a wonderful discovery for me!

The graphics according to Zulu Rose are inspired by "the world's most exotic and forgotten locations". Be sure to check out the line and their Sale selection - you will love what you find!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Alek Wek For "How To Spend It" In The Financial Times

Alek Wek is in full tribal color for her spread in The Financial Times' luxury magazine's How To Spend It section. The bold, rich and super vibrant colors makes it easy to spend your last. My favorite complete look and styling is below. Which is your favorite?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jennifer Hudson At Cannes Film Festival

Have you seen Jennifer Hudson lately??? Gorg! The beautiful and svelte Jennifer is making all the right fashion choices at Cannes to promote Winnie. Jenny Craig is certainly doing right by her, but something tells me Jennifer has transcended beyond the dieting guru right into her own stratosphere.

Naomi Campbell at Cannes Film Festival

Naomi Campbell is putting on her own uber fab fashion show at the 2010 Cannes film festival with only one miss - and a major miss it was! Wow, not sure what Ms. Campbell was thinking on this one - I digress.....let's focus on the more beautiful choices Naomi chose. Which is your favorite?

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