Friday, May 28, 2010

Tyra Banks Comes 360 With IMG

 Tyra Banks has come full circle with the agency that once represented her as a model to now doing business with the same agency, IMG. Tyra had this to say about the 1-year contract with IMG;
"In many ways, this is like coming home. The last time I was with IMG, I was set on taking on the modeling world in the high fashion and commercial sectors," said Tyra Banks, Founder and CEO of Bankable Enterprises. "Now I’m dreaming even bigger but this time for my company as well. Aligning myself with brands that I believe in, and helping them achieve the kind of success they’re looking for, helps all of us as we grow our businesses. And I know IMG is the right place at the perfect time."
Tyra Banks has long been the antithesis to models who are only good for walking the runway. I hope this will soon be the Lyndsey Scotts, Jeneil Williams and other young beautiful black models on the runway. Bravo to Chanel Iman who recently opened a boutique in L.A with her mother. Who's next?!

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