Friday, May 21, 2010

Chanel Iman Open's The Red Bag Boutique In LA

Get ready to wear Chanel Iman's designer pieces she puts away soon after a photographer plasters her picture on the blogosphere as well as new pieces from her favorite designers at The Red Bag Boutique. In addition to the vintage aesthetic, the boutique gives you the feeling of shopping in an over sized closet filled with wonderful finds. Refinery29 caught up with the now multi-hyphenate model to discuss her new venture with her mother.
The shop has such an interesting mix of old and new pieces from all eras. Did you have any strategy for choosing what made the cut?
"It's the best of what was either given to me by designers or that I personally picked out myself, but to me they all qualify as treasures. In the world of fashion, once you've been photographed in something, it's hard to keep going out in it because the press always wants to see you in new things. So, I'm passing these pieces on so someone else can continue to love them."
 What's your L.A. style M.O.?
"L.A. to me is all about freedom. It's unlimited and relaxed, but you can dress to impress if you want in jeans or a party dress. When I come home, I don't even pack because I know it's less important for me to look so high fashion. Still to me, L.A. always looks good because the styles compliment the weather, cool and warm at the same time."
Be sure to check out Chanel's boutique when in L.A and view the remaining conversation at Refinery29.

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