Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What is in Chanel Iman and Lakshmi Menon's purses?

Everyone knows models for having gorgeous skin and wearing minimal makeup - which is very refreshing - yet so model-esque! I can imagine developing a natural aversion to makeup if you're constantly a makeup artists puppet all the time!

According to her brief interview with a Vogue beauty editor, Chanel carries the bare minimum - literally. Salve for her lips and nails, an eyebrow brush & pencil to fill in her brows and mascara to keep her lashes long!

Don't think you can afford what's in Chanel's bag? Think again, she doubles up her Smith’s Rosebud Salve for her lips and nails - extremely important when you're constantly shaking hands and meeting new people. Get her Rosebud Salve at Sephora for $6!!
Here brow pencil she received from a makeup artist but it's a brand everyone knows, Origins Fill In The Blanks. And you can get it for $15. Lastly her masacara, drum roll please.....Maybeline! Visit your local drug store on any given day for this one ladies! Chanel says, “I always carry around some mascara—the old-fashioned Maybelline, It’s better than the expensive stuff. And it makes lashes really long, especially the XXL one.”
Lakshimi is even more simple! She says, “The only thing I’m really good at is how to use kohl, because as an Indian girl I grew up with it - I don’t even attempt foundation. I bought some but I have no idea how to use it.” {She uses a bronzer instead - brand not metioned - sorry ladies}

But Lakshmi was kind enough to provide some helpful tips on how to use kohl, she says, “Oh yeah, there’s a trick to it - Apply it to the upper and lower lash lines—just a little smudge under your eyelid—and then close your eyes and gently rub them together. You get the sexiest smudge.” Sound so alluring - I wonder how it will look on me? Well Aveda has one for only $12.50.
Finally Lakshmi "keeps her dry skin glowing with Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream". This one carries a stiffer price label but when you compare it to let's say, Lancome, it's a steal at $42.50!!
Let me know how they turn out....


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  1. I tried the roesbud...it was OK. I lost it for 3 months underneath a friends car seat...and I can't say I missed it much. I actually preferred the Victoria Secret brand gloss.


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