Sunday, June 7, 2009

Remembering Gordon Parks

Liya Kebede and others were on hand to remember prolific photographer Gordon Parks - whom I honestly became aware of while browsing Certainly I have experienced his wonderful photographs in the past yet blatantly unaware of who he was.

In brief, Gordon Parks was a self-taught photographer who is best known for his 20 years of work with Life magazine {he was the first African-American to work for Life}. Gordon was also an activist, writer and director - he directed Shaft!

Liya Kebede

Most recently, Liya Kebede, fellow photographer Bruce Weber, Isabel Toledo and Russell Simmons were honorees at the Gordon Parks Foundation "Celebrating Fashion" Gala.

Russell Simmons

Bethann Hardison {Can anyone tell me what's on her feet?}

View more pictures of the event and two of Gordon Parks children from

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