Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tyra's Tips on Smiling

I wonder which smile this is;)

Tyra spoke with New York Times Magazine writer Lynn Hirschberg last week and discussed of course the fashion industry and its double standards and how she likes to use her influence to bring balance. More importantly Tyra shared some of her infamous smiling tips. Here are my two favorites:

• The Flirting-With-a-Man Smile: “Turn your shoulder to your man, move your face down, and use a sound effect, a little hmmmmmmmmm,” Banks said. (That “hmmmmmmm” is more of a cat purring than a “What should I have for lunch today? Hmmmmm,” obviously.)

• The Smile With the Eyes ©: “This is crucial,” she said. “It’s on magazine covers, it sells perfume, it sells shoes.” Hirschberg admitted this smile "has changed everything” for her. Tyra recommends pulling your shoulders down, facing forward, pretending there’s a string pulling your head up and that a dentist shot you in the mouth with Novocain. She said it’s “almost like you’re in Star Trek.” I must admit I have tried this method to NO avail!

View the full story at New York Times Magazine.

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