Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Color Of Beauty by Elizabeth St. Philip

 I came across a beautiful gem while browsing through some industry news that I would like to share. I believe the story broke last month but it's certainly not to late to share! The Colour of Beauty by Elizabeth St. Philip: a short poignant documentary that is less than 20 minutes long, explores race politics inside the fashion industry, particularly casting for New York Fall Fashion Week. The protagonist is Renee Thompson who has modeled for 10years around the world but moved to New York in hopes of reaching super model status. Renee believes in her self and is heart-breakingly determined despite the pitfalls along the way. At the end her dream to walk in New York Fashion Week was not realized but she continues on.

You can also view video here if the video above is not working. Give us your take on this documentary - if you're active in the industry - share your experiences with us!

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