Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chanel Iman at Matthew Williamson "Carnival"

Gorgeous black women in fashion attended Matthew Williamson's celebration of his H&M collection in Miami aboard The Cornucopia Majesty liner. Victoria Secrets angel Serlita Ebanks said, "I'm usually not a Carnival kind of gal - But this is so energizing, eclectic, and colorful--just like Matthew!"

The performance of the evening Grace Jones made a fierce entrance according to FWD she descended in a glass elevator into the yacht's packed interior, and immediately nabbed the spotlight -as only Ms. Jones could!

Don't you wish you were there....

Chanel admittedly took pants off but decided to keep her top-phew!

Chanel with man of the night: Matthew Williamson

Arlenis took the theme to heart

Serlita looking far too conservative in comparison

Grace Jones rocked the crowd as Matthew gawked on

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